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Parties / Special Occasions


At Kurly Bird Events Limited we strive to provide an events strategy that suits you, your budget and your requirements. We can help with anything from an exclusive social event to an intimate family celebration and everything else in between.

We can take full control of your event planning and management, or simply provide assistance in a particular area.

A lot of people are worried that bringing in a professional can be expensive. However, we can tailor our servies to your requirements, so our help can be a lot more accessible than you thought.

From childrens parties, to intimate dinners and birthday celebrations, by using our specialist services (as detailed on the attached page), instead of outsourcing we can ensure that you have that extra special and personal touch to make your event unique at a price you can afford.

Alternatively, you may just need help with a bit of guidance as to what to do and where to go whilst using our own bespoke hand crafted invitiations.

Or you may just be looking for some entertainment or something extra to make your party special. We can provide you with a number of suggestions and co-ordinate the arrangements for just a small fee. It's always worth asking as sometimes the act you want are not as expensive as you would think.